Gibb Brownlie

I graduated from Alfred University with a BFA in Ceramics and then from RISD with an MFA in Sculpture. I love to teach, share and make things. Just out of grad school I co- founded a ceramics business called Butter + Toast, where my partner and I dove tailed utility with design. We made and sold over 40 different ceramic pieces. I also co-founded a lighting business called Altamira Lighting, which offered mixed media products. We designed, produced and shipped these products for more then 20 years. I've worked with many people over the years using many different materials: (clay, wood, metals, resins, paper, fabric, leather). I also designed a line of screen printed fabrics, and have done design work for other companies. I co-taught a course in product development at RISD in the ID department for many years.  Recently I co-founded The Makers Mill. We design innovative sustainable products and help people who have good ideas get their products prototyped and made.